UFO Anthology CD-ROM Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will attempt to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our flagship product, The UFO Anthology CD-ROM.

Q: Why should I buy The UFO Anthology Vol.1 CD-ROM when I can find all this information for free right on the Internet?

A: This, we feel is one of the most common misconceptions. The reason is that most of the information presented on The UFO Anthology CD-ROM has never been previously published anywhere. Working closely with several of the most prominent and respected UFO researchers and scientist in the world, 90% of the information is presented from their own research data, exclusively for The UFO Anthology Vol.1 and simply NOT available on the Internet…period. Unlike other similar CD-ROM's, The UFO Anthology is a full-on multimedia living presentation, at your fingertips, delivering the information quickly, at the speed of your CD-ROM drive.

Q: I am a seasoned UFO buff, I have seen all the TV shows and read all the books…am I really going to find anything new on The UFO Anthology Vol.?

A: Yes,The UFO Anthology CD-ROM offers lots of new material, pictures and audio recordings that have never been previously aired and or published. In fact what makes The UFO Anthology Vol. CD-ROM unique and why you wont find a lot of it's information on the Internet is because most of the content comes directly from the files of several of the most prominent UFO researchers, scientist and Doctors in the world.

Click Host, CO-Host’s and featured guest for more info on the researchers that appear on The UFO Anthology CD-ROM, it reads like the "Who's, Who in Ufology, Everyone's here! There is something here for the person with even a passing interest, right up to the seasoned researcher. See some of the 5 star reviews of The UFO Anthology in the "Reviews and Appearances" section of the OvniLab Web Complex.™

Q: How long is the presentation?

A: Let’s break it down a bit here. Technically speaking there is approximately 647 megs of presentation, never before seen UFO videos, pictures, audio recordings, graphics and text. If you were to go through the entire presentation, that is…watching all the videos, listening to all the audio/narration tracks, looking at every picture (well over 500), reading and looking at all the diagrams and text, and truly comprehending everything on The UFO Anthology, it will take you well over 9 hours! This is what makes the disc so much better than reading a book or watching a video. With The UFO Anthology CD-ROM the information not only comes alive, but you can then stop it and take your time reading a declassified government document etc. The UFO Anthology Vol. allows you to really study the photos and video and go at your own pace, NOT the pace of your VCR

Q: Is The UFO Anthology Vol. CD-ROM a game?

A: No, The UFO Anthology is not a game, however, although it’s official classification would fall under the description of "Educational / Reference software. The UFO Anthology CD-ROM is also VERY entertaining, so it could be called Edutainment. The UFO Anthology will turn your computer into a "living" documentary, filled with over 9 entertaining hours of exploration, including hundreds of amazing UFO photographs from around the word, never before seen videos of UFOs from around the world and lot's more! This audio narration consist of over 345 individual audio tracks, each with it’s own supporting original musical score, so you never hear the same music more than once! Host, CO-Host’s and featured guest.

Behind the Chilling narration from Command Sergeant Major, Robert Dean ( main host ) and the other researchers, is an all original, very erie soundtrack. And we have to warn you, it is VERY creepy music, so view The UFO Anthology at night at your own RISK! The musical score alone will have you checking under your bed!

We spent 6 months just on the musical scores alone ( over 300 individual scores / all original music) in which we composed, arranged, performed, recorded, digitally mixed and mastered to give the user a rich, immersive, highly entertaining experience. We also sprinkled in a lot of motion picture quality sound FX. We basically scored the music directly with the narration just like an actual motion picture. It is by far one of the most elaborate musical productions alone, ever attempted in a CD-ROM or video documentary of any kind.

Q: Does The UFO Anthology Vol. CD-ROM promote UFO Cults and or religious beliefs?

A: The answer to that one is a flat out NO. We do not support any "far-out," "spooky" UFO / Cultist activities of any sort, nor do we support or condone ones religious beliefs. We also do not attempt to "force feed" a particular view about the topics presented on the CD-ROM. We feel it is critically important that the user arrive at their own conclusions…period! We have spent over 2 years gathering and researching what we feel is the "Best Evidence" currently available, and we let you be the judge.

Q: Is The UFO Anthology Vol. CD-ROM appropriate for viewing by the whole family?

A: The answer to that one is two fold. All sections of The UFO Anthology’s content are safe for young viewers ages 6 and up. However, we extensively explore and present the strange and sometimes disturbing worlds of Alien Abduction and Unexplained animal deaths and mutilation, more popularly known as "Cattle Mutilation." So we strongly recommend parental "prescreening" and guidance of these two sections due to their at times, graphic nature. There is actually a "Parental Guidance" warning within the CD-ROM which appears before you enter the area of Cattle Mutilations.

Q: What kind of computer do I need, is there a video version of it available?

A: The UFO Anthology CD-ROM runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT. It will also run equally on Macintosh and PowerPC platforms. You will need a sound card, color monitor, 8x or better CD-ROM drive. The only file you will need to actually install on your system will be "Quicktime" and that’s it! The UFO Anthology Vol. CD-ROM plays entirely from one CD-ROM, and will play on both Windows and Macs from the same disc.

Q: How do I buy a copy of The UFO Anthology Vol. CD-ROM?

A: We offer several easy ways in which you can place an order. You can pay with a major credit card right here at the OvniLab Web Complex, ™and our "Secure-SSL" encrypted servers and online ordering form, also see our "Safe Shoppers Guarantee."

Our shipping policies are very fast and we normally ship the same day your order comes in. See shipping. If you have any questions that are not a part of this FAQ, please drop us an e-mail and ask us, we welcome your responses and look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Thank you for taking the time to read our FAQ!

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