Yvonne R. Smith

Certified Hypnotherapist, Alien Abduction researcher and Co-Host of "The UFO Anthology Vol-1" on CD-ROM

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Hosting "The UFO Anthology Vol-1" section on "Alien Abductions" will be Internationally recognized Certified Hypnotherapist and Abduction researcher, Yvonne R. Smith . In 1988, Yvonne began research into the UFO phenomenon. As a hypnotherapist, certified by the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (the first and only college of hypnosis in the United States to achieve national accreditation), she expanded her private practice to include abductees in 1990.

In 1991 Yvonne formed Close Encounter Research Organization (CERO) an investigative / support group, assisting abductees to work through and cope with their experiences. She has been a member of the Mutual UFO Network since 1988, and is serving on the Advisory Board as the Director of Abduction Research for several organizations.

The investigation into these events is a life long journey down the path of discovery into the reality of UFO Abduction experiences.Through the course of her work with clients and CERO members Yvonne has seen many positive changes and healing. Her goal through her work is to help the abductee realize that there is life after an abduction.

Yvonne is now focused on educating the public nationally and internationally and to capture the attention of mainstream media that these abduction experiences are REAL! Yvonne has appeared on numerous national and international television and radio shows and has been and continues to be a guest speaker at conferences world wide.

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