Linda Moulton Howe

Science Journalist, author and Emmy Award winning documentary producer and Co-Host of "The UFO Anthology Volume One" on CD-ROM

Hosting the strange, often UFO related "Cattle Mutilation" segment on "The UFO Anthology Vol-1" will be Science Journalist, book author and Emmy Award winning documentary producer, Linda Moulton Howe. Linda has received local, national and international awards, including three regional Emmys and a national Emmy nomination for her documentaries. Those films have included Fire In The Water about hydrogen as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels; A Radioactive Water investigated uranium contamination of public drinking water in Denver; A Strange Harvest explored the worldwide animal mutilation mystery which has haunted the U.S. and other countries since the late 1960's-- and continues to date.

In 1989, she authored and published a hard-cover book entitled An Alien Harvest - Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms. She was also Director of International Programming for Earthbeat, an environmental series broadcast on Turner's WTBS Superstation, Atlanta, Georgia. Her television productions number more than three hundred programs, including unusual phenomena such as UFO Report: Sightings which she created and was Supervising Producer for the FOX network which lead to the Sightings series and EARTH MYSTERIES; Alien Life Forms in association with WATL-Fox, Atlanta.

In 1992, Linda was voted the international MUFON award honoring her contributions to media productions about unusual phenomena. She helped coordinate 1992-1993 scientific investigations of the crop circle mystery in England. Linda Howe continues to write, produce documentaries and speak at national and international conferences and symposiums, including NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Her latest book and documentary investigation are Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol.1 - Facts and Eyewitnesses and Strange Harvests 1993. She also produces reports for television and radio, including weekly news reports for the nationally syndicated Chancellor Broadcasting program DREAMLAND with Art Bell.

She has been interviewed on Britain's 1996 ITN series The Paranormal World of Paul McKenna; 1995 Larry King Live special about Area 51, Nevada; The Other Side (NBC), Montel Williams (cable), and other national and international media. The second volume of Glimpses of Other Realities - High Strangeness will be released late summer 1996. Linda's current research includes interviews with scientists, civilians, government professionals and ex-military personnel about their own encounter with unexplained phenomena.

Out of these experiences, it appears that a new cosmology is emerging that suggests there are more dimensions than this one-- that the earth exists in one particular dimension that has a particular atomic frequency and matter/energy relationship that other beings from other dimensions and other time lines can penetrate and overlap our Space-Time, just as different radio and television signals move together in a single space to be separated at a receiver by a frequency tuner-- that there are many other universes that can be radically different from ours in both visual appearance and physical make up-- and that intelligences other than human are forcing glimpses of realities upon us. Linda also speaks and appears world wide. Linda brings the very latest information about Animal Mutilations, UFOs and other Unexplained Phenomena to "The UFO Anthology Volume One".

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