Colin Andrews

The world's foremost authority on Crop Circles and Co-Host of The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM

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Colin Andrews, formerly of Andover, England, was an Electrical Engineer for over ten years with the British Government. He saw his first Crop Circle in 1983. He founded Circles Phenomenon Research International (C.P.R.I.) later that same year, and soon dedicated himself full-time to deciphering the mystery. In 1989 he co-authored the book Circular Evidence with Pat Delgado, which became an international best- seller.

Colin's ongoing research and investigations continue to take him all over the world. He presents his findings in lectures, on major television and radio programs, and in popular magazines and newspapers worldwide. Colin brings to "The UFO Anthology Vol-1" his extensive knowledge and the very latest up to date information about this fascinating and still, unsolved mystery!

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