Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

General information:
If you haven't already done so, please look over the short description of how the program works. That overview will help to clarify many of the answers on this page.

Does my Web site qualify for the Associates Program?

Web sites that do NOT qualify include:
Sites that promote sexually explicit material
Sites that promote violence
Sites that promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion,
national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation, cult activity of any kind or age.

Will you send me free review copies of the products free?
Unfortunately we cannot afford to send out free review copies. We will however offer a discount to all approved Affiliate members!

How do I fit the UFO product referrals into my Web site?

No matter how you integrate the product referrals into your Web site, we give you complete control over your presentation. Once you decide to feature a product, you'll probably want to tell your visitors why they should buy it. We highly recommend that you buy your own copy, this way you can make the recommendation based on your opinion of our products.

The key elements of adding our product referrals to your Web site are:
Descriptions of our products of some kind, someplace on your site.
Links from those descriptions to our online secure order form.

Topically oriented Web sites:
Most Web sites, especially those that focus on a particular subject area, will want to set up a page or pages used specifically for listing The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM and our other UFO products. You would also probably include some brief description or comments about them. The depth of the description is up to you, but the more accurate and helpful it is, the more likely that your visitors will buy The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM or other products.

You would add a link to our secure online order page. The most obvious choice would be to link from products graphic and or link, although you may prefer to link from a phrase like "Order The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM." The look and feel of the page(s) would be up to you.

Magazine-styled sites:
Sites featuring articles, reviews and interviews may want to use a different approach to recommending The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM or other products. Interviews with or stories about a particular incident or researcher often refer to The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM etc.

For this kind of Web site, a "suggested reference material" list might also be a good idea. For example, suppose that you include an article discussing the topic of UFOs. There are many excellent examples on that topic in The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM. You might include a " suggested reference material " list at the end of the article, including The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM.

How do I control the look and feel?

You will be the designer of every page that lists The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM or one of our other products. The list itself, along with any descriptive text and graphics, is something you'll create on your own Web site so that the design will fit into your overall look and feel.

How will my visitors order?

Simply stated, you choose to present and market The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM or some of our other products on your Web site. In turn, we'll run your online software sales for you by recording, processing and fulfilling your customer orders.

Your visitors will visit your Web site and view The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM or other product description you present there. They follow a link from your description to our secure online order form page, where they add The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM to their shopping basket to complete there order. They will receive their shipments, e-mailed order updates and all other
customer service directly from OvniLAB.

In more detail:
First, your customer will browse your Web site and find The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM descriptions that you have included in your pages. If your description catches their interest and they wish to order, they would follow the link you provide to our online secure order form page.

The customer can do this by clicking the "add The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM to your shopping basket" button. They can complete their order immediately, by following the link. Once the customer begins to finalize an order, the OvniLAB ordering software takes over - running on our server and using the same software used by our customers. From this point forward, they'll get complete customer service directly from OvniLAB.

We will send each customer an instant confirmation on their orders by e-mail, and ship The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM or other product directly to them anywhere in the world. We will handle all of the financial transactions. Our customer service department will answer any questions or requests they have about their orders, including cancellations or returns as necessary.

Will OvniLAB supply me with descriptions, reviews or scans of cover art?
Yes, just click here and go to the "Associates Template Page" to collect text written by us and graphics you may want to include on your new page. Remember…we encourage you to write your own review of the UFO Anthology and or other products and tell your visitors in your own words what you liked about The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM, or our other products, and why you highly recommend they purchase them.

Can we take the order on our Web site instead, and just send you the customer information afterward?
No, our interactive ordering process provides critical information to the customer as well as to us; something we can't duplicate with orders taken outside our Web site. We offer only the interface described above, in order to provide the best possible service to your visitors.

How do you calculate referral fees?
Referral fees are earned item by item. Every order placed through your sponsoring Web site is eligible for referral fee payment. Every qualifying order that is listed in your store qualify for a referral fee. Every order of one of our products which is actually paid for by the customer earns you a referral fee.

The products that you include in your website will be sold by OvniLAB to your visitors at the same price offered at the OvniLAB web complex. Any discount being offered to our customers will also apply to customers who follow special links from your sponsoring Web site.

Referral fee percentage is based upon volume: Our referral fee schedule pays you a higher and higher percentage as monthly sales referred from your sponsoring Web site rise.

Referral fee rates!
For qualifying sales made through your web site, you will earn a referral fee rate of 10% - on all product sales sold in this way.

How will you keep track of the orders coming from my site?
We will provide you with a special format for building a special link directly from your web site to our online secure ordering form. This link will identify the name of your web site, which we use to track your referral fees as they are earned.

How will I know how many of my recommendations of your products were sold by OvniLAB?
We will send you a referral fee statement along with your check, describing the total sales resulting from customers following your special links during the quarter.

How do I get a copy of the "logo" I'm supposed to display?
Again, just click here and go to the "Associates Template Page" to collect the graphics you will include on your new page.

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