Welcome to the OvniLAB Affiliate Program!

If you have a Web site, you could be selling "The UFO Anthology Volume One CD-ROM" and our other exciting UFO products as an OvniLAB Affiliate and making money! Here's how we do it!

Heres what you need to do!
You can write your own UFO Anthology CD-ROM and our other product recommendations and reviews. We highly recommend buying your own copy so you can write youre own review, or you can use text we have preselected for use on your page.

2. Your new "UFO Anthology CD-ROM" and or other OvniLAB products referral page can be online in a matter of hours.

3. Your Web site becomes even more attractive, valuable and helpful to visitors.

4. You get paid a referral fee!

We'll do all the work!

We take the orders on our website using our FAST shopping cart software and powerful "Secure" servers.
We supply the CD-ROM's.
We handle all customer questions and requests, including cancellations and returns.

We package and ship everything.

We bill the customer.

We pay you a referral fee.

You're the answer!
Whether you're providing information or entertainment, people visit your Web site because they respect your expertise and your point of view on the subject of UFOs and related topics. They also come for your help in finding further information, something you probably
provide by adding links to other related sites.

Recommending "The UFO Anthology Volume One CD-ROM" and our other products is another great way to help your visitors stay informed; you can offer them direct access to "The UFO Anthology Volume One CD-ROM" and our other products through your association with OvniLAB.

Working together makes sense.
Customers like buying from OvniLAB because we work with the most prominent and respected UFO researchers and scientist in the world, and offer the most complete presentation EVER produced on the subject of UFOs, and other unexplained phenomenon. Working with these researchers gives us an added level of credibility, and eases the visitors worries about making an online purchase from us. They'll like buying through you because you provide the guidance they need. Through the Associates program, your insight combined with excellent OvniLAB customer service, will provide your visitors a unique and valuable reason to return to your site!

Any questions?
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helping visitors identify your service with our brand name.

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