OvniLAB Affiliate Program Short Description.

How does the OvniLAB Affiliate program work?

It's Simple!:

A. Someplace on your website, feature a recommendation about "The UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM, or our other products. Select from a choice of graphics we will provide.

B. Place a "special" link (that we provide) from there to our online secure order page for the CD-ROM. This "special" link we provide so that we can track the order and credit your site for any completed transactions that come from it.


1. Sign up:
Fill out a brief, online Application / Agreement form.

2. Pre plan: Decide how you want to incorporate UFO Anthology Vol-1 CD-ROM sales / recommendation page into your website: If your site includes articles, reviews or interviews, you might prefer to simply let people click on the CD-ROM title or on some phrase next to it like "(place order)". This way, you could refer orders for the UFO Anthology to OvniLAB from the middle of any article on your pages.

3. Set up your Web pages:
Start creating them right away. Include the graphic of The UFO Anthology CD-ROM, then add some helpful information for your visitors about the CD-ROM - as much or as little as you like. As soon as you receive notification of our approval, start displaying the new pages on your website. Insert the special HTML located on the template page.

4. Start earning referral fees:
Once your application has been approved, you'll automatically begin earning referral fees for sales generated by these links. You'll receive quarterly referral fee statements, and (according to the procedures found described in the agreement) a check for the referral fees you earned in that quarter.

Fill out our online Application / Agreement form. Let's get started! E-Mail us if you have problems completing your application

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