The Roswell Incident

The Greatest Story That Could Never Be Told!

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The Roswell incident is considered by many to be the most extraordinary close encounter of the century, and the Rosetta Stone of the UFO Government Cover-Up. Many believe a flying saucer crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. The event began on July 1st,1947, when a UFO was tracked on radar screens at Alamagordo, White Sands & Roswell AAF.

The objects flight characteristics defied any known conventional aircraft, and the object would be observed on radar until July 4th at approximately 11:30 pm were it flashed suddenly on radar and disappeared from the scopes, indicating a probable crash. From that moment till present, began the greatest story that could never be told.

July 4th, 1947
Rancher Mac Brazel hears a loud explosion during a thunderstorm late that evening, that sounded much different than the thunder itself. Several people see a strange UFO in the night skys near Roswell.



July 5th, 1947

Mac Brazel accompanied by seven year-old Timothy Proctor discover strange unearthly material scattered over 3/4 of a mile over his ranch. This first debris field of two, did not include any bodies or main sections of the craft. Brazel loaded some of the material in his pickup truck and drove to his neighbors Floyd & Loretta Proctor, and showed them pieces of the strange material. At the second debris field, a small group of Archeologist happen upon the crashed intact saucer & bodies. They & members of the Roswell Fire & Police Dept are amongst the first civilians to view the site.

The military arrive a short time later & escort the civilians off the site while securing the area. One alien is reported to have still been alive and walking around the crashed disk. The crash site now secure, the alien bodies are placed in body bags & taken to the Roswell base hospital by ambulance for preliminary autopsies. The surviving alien is also taken. Only individuals with the highest security clearances are allowed near the site

Ballard Funeral Home mortician Glen Dennis of Roswell receives a phone call from the Roswell base mortuary. Dennis is asked questions about the best ways to preserve bodies that have been exposed to the elements and if he has any hermetically sealed child sized coffins available. Military bases all over the west coast have interceptors specially equipped with gun cameras on alert for unidentified flying saucers.

July 6-7th, 1947
Mac Brazel shows Roswell Sheriff , George A Wilcox some small pieces of the wreckage. Wilcox excited calls the Roswell Army Air Field (AAF) and Air Intelligence Officer, Jesse Marcel & Senior Counterintelligence Agent, Capt. Sheridan Cavitt arrive to inspect the wreckage
The commanding officer of the 509th Bomb Group, Colonel William Blanchard collects the material from Sheriff Wilcox has it sent to Colonel Thomas J. DuBose & Colonel Alan D. Clark at Fort Worth Army Air Field. They then ship the material directly to Major General Clements McMullen in Washington D.C. whos office answers directly to President Truman.

Early morning July 7th,1947 Alien bodies & parts of the crashed disk are flown to Andrews AFB in Washington D.C. Officers Marcel & Cavitt accompany Mac Brazel to the debris field which is over 3/4 of a mile long & several hundred feet wide.They fill Marcel's staff car & Cavitt's jeep with some of the debris for transport back to the base.

Glen Dennis meets his friend, as nurse at the Roswell officers club, she is visibly shaken & very upset. She tells Dennis she witnessed Doctors she had never seen at the base examining 3 alien bodies, and drew a sketch of one for him on a napkin. She gave Dennis details of their physical description & said they were not human but "foreign bodies."

July 8th, 1947
On his way back to the air field, Jesse Marcel stops by his home at 2 am and shows pieces of the strange wreckage to his wife & young son Jesse Marcel, jr. He tells them it is wreckage from a flying saucer. At about 2 pm Colonel Blanchard at Roswell AAF orders Public Information Officer of the 509 th Bomb Group Walter Haut to issue the official press release, that the Army had found the remains of a crashed a flying saucer. . And the story went out over wire & newspapers. Calls began coming into Roswell from all over the world. Within 2 hours General Clemence McMullen in Washington phones Colonel Thomas DuBose in Fort Worth.

McMullen orders DuBose to tell chief of staff to Eighth Air Force Commander General Roger Ramey to kill the flying saucer story and create a cover story. Later, a press conference is held by General Roger Ramey at Eighth Air Force headquarters in Fort Worth and that what had crashed near Roswell was a weather balloon, not a flying saucer. The strange unearthly material Marcel found is switched and Marcel is ordered to pose for the press cameras with scraps from a typical weather balloon!

At radio station KGFL, a interview with Mac Brazel is canceled, by direct orders of the FCC & the New Mexico congressional delegation who warned that they had 24 hours to find something else to do or be out of the radio business. The remaining debris is removed from both crash sites and taken to Roswell.

July 9th, 1947

At approximately 7:30 pm the Associated Press issues a world wide bulletin that the saucer story is just a weather balloon. ABC News also reports that the Roswell wreckage is a weather balloon. In the following weeks witnesses would be threatened, special flights would be diverted, files would be destroyed, officers separated and the coverup began. It would be nearly 45 years before witnesses spoke openly about the event again.

Silence Lifted.

Many years later Inez Wilcox, wife of Sheriff George Wilcox tells her granddaughter Barbara Dugger that the family received death threats to keep them from speaking about the Roswell event. In 1978 Maj Jesse Marcel speaks to researchers & news media saying the wreckage he saw "was not of this earth". Jesse Marcel J.R. Goes public saying the material his dad was ordered to pose for press pictures with was NOT the same material he showed them that late night. Mortician Glen Dennis was told by military officers if you speak about this "someone will be picking your bones out of the desert." Dennis's nurse friend disappeared and was killed in an mysterious plane crash. Gen. Thomas DuBose admitted in later years the whole weather balloon story was a coverup, and was given orders from General McMullen to create the balloon story and afterwards forget the whole incident. Many other civilians were threatened with imprisonment or death and military personnel were reminded of their oaths. These seem to be very extreme measures, to cover up a weather balloon.

New Investigation.

On January 12, 1994 , at the overwhelming request of constituents nation wide, United States Congressman Steven Schiff of Albuquerque, New Mexico, contacted the Department of Defense (D.O.D) and requested any information it had on the Roswell incident of 1947. The D.O.D stated it didn't have any and referred Schiff to the National Archives. Schiff after being told by the National Archives that they had no records, stated to the press that he found the Department of Defense's lack of response "astounding" and that he had been stonewalled by the D.O.D when requesting information regarding the Roswell Incident on behalf of constituents and witnesses.

Investigating further Schiff would contact the General Accounting Office (G.A.O.) to request a records audit related to the 1947 events. On July 28th, 1995 the GAO completed it's investigation and released a report stating that all outgoing messages from Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) for this period of time had been destroyed without proper authority. Schiff pointed out that these messages were crucial and would have shown how military officials in Roswell were explaining to their superiors exactly how officers of the only nuclear strike force on the planet in 1947, couldn't tell the difference from a weather balloon and an advanced spacecraft made of exotic materials from another world!

The Air Force Reply
In September 1994 eight months after Congressman Schiff began his investigation, the Air Force was forced to make its first public statement related to UFOs after over 25 years of silence on the matter. The report stated that the Air Force had indeed misled the American people and the world about the weather balloon story in 1947. And stated the debris found by rancher Mac Brazel in 1947 northwest of Roswell, New Mexico, was in fact a remnant of a balloon flight launched as part of a top-secret program called Project Mogul. So which lie are we to believe?

Written by Urn Green

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