Cattle Mutilations

A world-wide problem, cattle are killed and the body is left in various yet similar conditions. On studying the body, it has been found that the body has been _totally_drained of blood and that there has been no trace of blood, no signs of a struggle, footprints or tire tracks found anywhere on the ground around the body. In many cases the owners heard nothing the night of the mutilation.

The typical cattle mutilation has shown repeatedly, huge oval shaped incisions around the jaw bone and in most cases the exposed jaw is completely removed, and the tongue removed from a precise incision deep in the throat. Also observed is the additional removal of at least one (1) eyeball, the udders on the female are most always removed and the sexual organs on both sexes are also most always removed.

All organ removal and incisions are done with surgical precision, and in some cases the evidence of cauterization along the incision lines has led investigators to believe the use of some sort of high heat cutting device has been administered, suggesting the strong possibility of a laser.


Bones were also clearly cut with no bone fragments around the cut. UFOs and strange "Black" unmarked helicopters have been linked with these mutilations since they have been sighted at the same time in the same area where the mutilated bovines have been found. Equally disturbing, is the fact that there has NEVER been a conviction of any human accused of committing such a cruel and hideous act.

Some may ask, "If done by UFOs, why would they be interested in cattle ?" And the answer to that may lie in the fact that cattle blood is so similar to humans that it can be used in the lab to create human blood plasma. Indicating the aliens may be studying the cattle, to find out more about us! Something to think about....

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