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Our primary mission here at OvniLab is to produce high quality, fascinating, entertaining & educational CD-ROM's and Audio CD's based on FACT not fiction. We are researchers ourselves, in the areas of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, or as we like to call them..."Fast Walkers,"

We have also extended our research into the genuine, and still unsolved mystery of the Crop Circles, UFO related cattle mutilations, the strange and disturbing world of Alien Abduction, UFO secrecy within governments worldwide and much much more.

You will find at this web site what is being called by many, the most complete and vast research investigation / presentation ever created on the UFO matter. It's called "The UFO Anthology Volume One" for Windows and MAC computers. And we truly believe it is, the most complete presentation of the entire UFO phenomenon & other unexplained mysteries ever produced.

It marks the beginning of a series of releases to follow, that will bring forth the most accurate findings, by many of the finest professional researchers and scientist in the world.

It is our intent to help further brighten the light that appears to be shining with more intensity than ever before, on one of governments deepest, darkest of secrets. We will hit, and hit hard with the truth, and The UFO Anthology Volume One, is proof positive of that fact.

Technical Services
  CD-ROM and DVD custom interactive content development, conception, production, design & project management. We now offer full "Video to DVD" conversions, DVD authoring, and custom DVD "Still" and "Motion Menu" creation and implementation.
  • Web site design, e-commerce consulting, and services.
  • 3D-2DComputer graphic art & design, Interface design, GUI design for "In-flight Entertainment systems.
  • Multimedia art for CD-ROM, DVD & the Web.
  • Full service high quality Pro Audio / Midi production recording studio serving the CD-ROM, DVD, Video and Motion Picture industries including motion picture quality Sound FX.
  • We offer professional original musical arrangement, scoring, composition, engineering, recording and mixing. So whether your production is CD-ROM, DVD, video, television, audio post production or film, we can meet your'e needs...on time, and within you're budget.
  • We also offer creative art management, musical direction, and project management.
  • Script writing & editing.
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