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We are proud to have started this website in 1996, and have continued to maintain it long after other UFO Information websites have unfortunately gone under. OvniLab was formed and has exsisted for the sole purpose of presenting factual, truthful, educational, and enlightening information about the UFO matter, and other Unexplained Phenomena taking place worldwide, and making it readily available to the masses.

Keeping with that vision, we set out to produce the most complete, accurate, and hard-hitting presentation on the UFO matter ever produced. And after over two (2) years of expert reasearch and development, that vision has become a reality. "The UFO Anthology Volume One" is our flagship product. Read some great reviews of "The UFO Anthology Volume One" in the "Reviews and Appearances" section of the website. We have sold our products to scores of satisfied customers from every corner of the globe.

The OvniLab Web Complex is not only here to sell our products to you, it is also a website filled with vast amounts of UFO information, pictures, audio and text on the topics of:

  • UFO History
  • UFO Governmemt Cover-Up
  • History of Crop Circles
  • Mysterious Cattle Mutilations
  • Alien Abductions

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