UFO 5 Pac Bundle

UFO 5 Pac Bundle
Now you can have all five of these incredible titles at one low price! By owning all five of these incredible titles you will have one of the most comprehensive collections of the best evidence currently available that UFOs are REAL!

The Information is presented by the most credible, and highly respected UFO researchers and scientist in the world.

You get:

1. The top selling UFO Anthology CD-ROM (over 9 hours of exploration on one CD-ROM) a $14.95 value!

2. The Trumbull County 911 UFO Encounter Audio CD. A 9.95 value!

3. Pilot UFO Sightings Audio CD. (.These recordings are not found on the Pilot UFO DVD). A $ 9.95 value!

4. Pilot UFO Sightings DVD. 90 minutes. A $19.95 value!

5. Alien Abductions DVD 90 minutes. A $19.95 value.

Market price: $59.95
Our price: $45.95