Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by our research page here. We are returning to the mysterious crop fields of Central Southern England where once again the circle makers have returned for another year of absolute staggering designs. It appears that we are seeing the return of the Pentograms.

As the years pass us by, we allow the process of time, to slowly show us the connections between formations., as we move from season to season. The web in 1994 has now been established to encode a pentagram within its geometry, almost like an invisible pentagram. It was a powerful symbol, and was placed next to the henge to symbolize the regenerative power of the moon.

Throughout the late nineties and the new millennium, we have witnessed a number of formations that include the same message time and time again.

It has been 6 long yet fast years since I last had the opportunity to witness this amazing phenomenon first hand. This year we return, as we attempt to present as much detail as possible about these fascinating formations.

So please return to this page often as we will be uploading our images and research results daily. We will be documenting what is commonly known by researchers the height of the crop circle season which typically occurs within the last weeks of July into early August.

This is typically a time when the overall complexity of the formations begins to accelerate to a crescendo leaving us with yet another collection of highly complex formations to ponder and study during the winter months.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy our journey once again into the mysterious world of crop circles and their makers. Who ever, and whatever they are!

Our images will appear here so see you soon! Lorenzo and Annie