Sightings On The Radio Interview 
Exciting, high energy interview with Talk Show Host, Jeff Rense. Listen to the awesome interview with Ern Greene, creator of "The UFO Anthology Vol.1" CD-ROM! Talk show host Jeff Rense provides an extensive "5 Star" review and exploration of The UFO Anthology CD-ROM. PLAY

Trumbull County 911 UFO Encounter, Audio samples!
One of the most startling accounts of a REAL UFO encounter involving police officers of several different precincts in Trumbull County, Ohio. Listen here to excerpts of the actual 911 Police radio recordings! You can hear the entire incident which is included FREE on Audio CD, when you purchase a copy of The UFO Anthology Vol.1 CD-ROM

Pilot UFO Sightings Audio CD
Available NOW from this website ONLY! Hear sample excerpts from the actual recordings made by commercial airline pilots and air traffic control personnel reporting UFO sightings as they are happening!

Purchase a copy of the Pilot UFO Sightings Audio CD now and hear the complete recordings made by the airline pilots themselves! If you think these sample clips are amazing, wait until you hear the complete encounters! They will blow you away!


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