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Are you ready for the truth about UFOs, the REAL X-Files?
Presenting "The UFO Anthology Vol.1 CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh computers.
The UFO Anthology is being called "the most complete presentation ever produced" on the subject of UFOs and other genuine unexplained mysteries. For the first time ever, several of the most prominent and respected UFO researchers and scientist have come together to present their latest, most startling findings.

Hosted by Command Sergeant Major, Robert O Dean, you will learn about his first hand encounter with the UFO reality. With Bob as your guide and narrator, you will explore the entire history of UFOs dating back to over 22,000 years BC you will see actual colorful cave drawings, depicting strange saucer shaped objects.
You will learn about UFO classifications, shapes and sizes.

You will view new, extensive video footage of never before seen UFOs and discover hundreds of full color photographs from all over the world.

You will meet Dr. Richard F. Haines, as NASA research scientist who presents several amazing cases of UFO sightings by commercial airline pilots. You will hear the actual Air Traffic Control recordings of pilots reporting UFOs as they fly by the airliners!

See an exclusive video interview with first hand witness, Brig. Gen. Thomas DuBose as he officially goes on the record to state that the "weather balloon" explanation for the UFO crash at Roswell, was a cover-story.

Explore the Crop Circle mystery and view the worlds only virtual Crop Circle. Alien abduction, Strange UFO related animal deaths and much more.

"Sightings on the Radio" Host Jeff Rense, calls The UFO Anthology CD-ROM...

"A stunning achievement!

Brilliantly illustrated and researched.

Should be in every school classroom."

Over 15 hours of discovery on one CD-ROM. For ages 8 to 80.

Secure online ordering with a major credit card.

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