Welcome to the Pilot UFO Sightings FAQ

Here we will explain some of the most frequently asked questions about these amazing recordings!

Q: Where did these recordings originate?

A: These recordings where obtained through what is called a "Freedom of Information Act" (FOIA) request, made directly to the Department of Transportation, FAA. Anyone who is a United States Citizen can make this type of request, but it is not exactly easy!

To successfully make a request, you will need to know the exact date of the incident, and other detailed information. This service is NOT free and in fact, the US Government charged us $60.00 USD (per incident) to acquire these recordings!

On the UFO Pilot Sightings Audio CD we have provided a total of four startling incidents. If you were to try to acquire them yourself, you're total cost for all four recordings would be $240.00 USD, plus postage! We are offering ALL four recordings to you for only $9.95 USD! That's a savings of over $240.00!!! And we've done all the research for you! So you can see where this becomes an excellent value to you!

Q: What's actually on the recordings, what will I hear?

A: By purchasing a copy of the UFO Pilot Sightings Audio CD, you are going to hear REAL commercial airline pilots communicating with air traffic control towers all over the United States, to report UFOs flying in their midst. Literally as the event is taking place! These recordings represent some of the most concrete evidence that UFOs do exist!

You will hear the puzzled, and at times excited pilots struggle to explain what it is they are looking at! Strange, unearthly vehicles, at times performing amazing feats, and aerial maneuvers are witnessed by the pilots, flight crews and the passengers! In one incident, you will hear that the passengers are taking pictures of the UFO from their cabin windows!

Q: I don't believe any of this! UFOs don't exist and these recordings are FAKE!

A: We have no doubt in our minds that you may either feel this way yourself, or hear this from someone you know! However, we would like to extend this offer to you. Why? Because we know that after you hear these recordings for yourself, you too will be convinced that UFOs, strange vehicles from "somewhere else" are indeed flying in our midst! Just listen to these free samples taken from the CD!

What's the offer? The offer is, we guarantee that the UFO Pilot Sightings Audio CD recordings are %100 genuine and unaltered in any way! If you could prove that these were NOT duplications of the actual recordings, we would not only refund 100% of your purchase price, we would also let you KEEP the CD!!!

But we have to inform you that this would be an impossibility, simply because these are NOT FAKE, but duplications of the actual recorded event, as it pertains to the subject of UFO sightings by commercial airline pilots, their crews, and passengers! Guaranteed 100% genuine or your money back, NO tricks, NO gimmicks!

Order your copy of the UFO Pilot Sightings Audio CD NOW, and discover some of the most startling, BEST EVIDENCE you will ever hear that UFOs are here and VERY REAL! Who better trained to identify strange, unearthly flying vehicles than professional, commercial airline pilots? We think these pilots are amongst the most "credible" witnesses to ever make an official UFO sightings report! Hear it for yourself!

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