(Outside U.S. and Canada)

Customers outside the U.S. and Canada have these options:
1. Order by Visa / MasterCard / American Express or Discover Card, and we will calculate the postage amount and add it to the total. Typically the cost for overseas shipping will be approximately $6.00 U.S. dollars. This cost will vary depending on the quantity of your order and the exact country you live in. Please let us know if you would like a email confirmation on the total shipping cost for your order before we charge your card.

2. Contact us by email with the list of products desired. We will calculate the total postage and send it by email. You can then send us your order by mail .

Be sure to specify whether you want items shipped by airmail (1-2 weeks) or surface (2-3 months). Airmail is recommended! Surface mail costs about half of that but can take more than 3 months to Australia/Far East and up to two months to Europe.

Although every effort is made to pack items securely, we will ship these items overseas only at customer's risk. We will insure the package for a additional fee charged to your bill at youre request only.

Under the special circumstances below, you do not have to contact us for the Postage & Handling cost (although contacting us might obtain a lower cost in some cases)....

  • Postage to Mexico is the same as for Canada.

Form of Payment:

We accept only these forms of payment from overseas customers....

  • Visa / Mastercard / American Express or Discover Card
  • Check in US dollars drawn on a US bank (with US bank routing numbers at the bottom).
  • Postal money order in US dollars purchased at a post office.
  • US cash. (At sender's risk, although we have never had a problem with lost cash.)

Customs Charges: The customer is responsible for any customs charges accessed by his or her own country. Small orders are rarely assessed customs charges, but when they are required, the additional sum is usually collected by the local post office at the time of delivery.

Other: Due to the prohibitive cost of international phone calls, we cannot return international calls or faxes. Email communication is preferred.

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