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I have been using The UFO Anthology Vol.1 CD-ROM that you sell on this site for a while and it is best. I have Stanton Friedman's, Micheal Hessman's, and the Sighting's CD-ROM software too, and The UFO Anthology is more comprehensive than ALL the others put together! I have had one potential nocturnal light sighting and some very strange memories that dont fit the established paradigm. E-mail:

-Larry, Albuquerque , NM USA


I recently ordered The UFO Anthology CD-ROM. It is the single best thing I have seen about the UFO topic and related or ancillary topics. You guys have done a superb job of putting this CD Rom together. It is informative, well thought out and highly entertaining. I cannot wait for Volume 2.

-Rob, USA




















Customer comments!

I must say, I've been researching the UFO & Alien phenomena for at least 10 years now, and The UFO Anthology Vol.1 CD-ROM sold on this site is by far the most organized, and best presented, of all the other types of media Ive seen so far. E-mail:

-Robert Wayne Young Bridgeton, MO USA






























The UFO Anthology CD-ROM is a unique, 5 Star documentary presentation, published worldwide.

It is the only presentation of it's kind hosted and CO-hosted by several of the most respected, and well known, UFO researchers and scientist in the world.

No other CD-ROM, or video cassette documentary available, covers as many topics in one stand-alone presentation.

It will not only provide hours of entertainment, it is also considered by top researchers in UFOlogy, as a MUST have tool in trying to understand this complex mystery.