To Install: 1. Set your screen display settings to 640x480. Turn off screen saver software. 2. Load CD into the CD-ROM drive. The CD will automatically load and a screen will appear instructing you to "Choose your platform."

NOTE: If your computer already has Apple Quicktime version 3.0 or higher, you can simply select "Click here to continue" and run the program. If Quicktime is NOT installed you will need to make a selection. For Windows 98 or higher choose "Windows 95." When running the CD in the future just select "Click here to continue" from the main screen to operate the program.

Sound issues:

1. Make sure your speakers are turned up and working.

2. If you experience no sound, or the videos stutter or skip, you will need to install Apple Quicktime 2.1.2 which will load when you make your platform selection from the "Choose your platform" intro page.